Friday, October 14, 2011

Let's Pray About It

Here is an interesting post from Jay Adams:

Probably said thousands of times a week by Christians around the world when facing a problem or question without a present answer. Is it the right response? 
It’s not wrong to pray about a matter, of course.  But prayer is often used as a substitute for the hard work of studying God’s Word to discover the facts needed. Prayer doesn’t automatically “work” in solving problems. Christians need to learn this fact. 
Moreover, when God has already answered a question or given directions, why should we want to shortcut the process of discovering what that answer is by simply praying about it? Should we expect God to tell us individually the answer we seek, when He has already done so in His Word? 
But there is something “mystically” special to some people about prayer. They think of prayer as more spiritual than Bible study! There’s the heart of the matter. Is it superior? Both are from God each has its place, but prayer is no substitute for hard study to find out truth. 
Indeed, here is one to think about: Why would our words (prayer) be considered superior, more spiritual, etc., to God’s Word (in Scripture)? Isn’t what He says far more important than what you have to utter?
 (via the Institute for Nouthetic Studies)


  1. Thought provoking. I would say the reason why people want to pray about it is because they want to know how to apply scripture to their lives and personal situations. And they want help in following what God already revealed.

  2. I agree. I guess this post really got me thinking because of the many times that I will pray about something when I already know the answer. For example, I might pray about a tough financial decision, when one option is clearly poor stewardship...


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