Friday, October 1, 2004

Blog Safari -- Entry 1

Since nobody else has done this yet, I have decided to take a Blog Safari! (spoken in your best echo-voice)

If you are not for sure what to do, this can also be an example post for you to refer to when you decide to go on your own safari. It has several elements...

(the link to blog safari)
(the blog find)
(the blog drawing)

(The Blog find) My Blog Safari (...safari ...safari ...safari) led me to j smith. I don't know if I could tell you exactly how I found his site, but I know that I clicked several different links... and there he is!

(The Blog Drawing) One thing that draws me to a blog is when the writer sounds intelligent. That is very important. And Mr. Smith sounded intelligent when I first read his blog. I have read a few of his entries and he has some good stuff to say. I will probably visit his site again.

(The Link to Blog Safari) Read other Blog Safaris at Blog Safari!

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