Saturday, October 16, 2004

The many faces of Sam

Sam is a character. He loves to make people laugh. (I wonder where he got that?!?) One of his talents, as with most little boys, is to make faces. So I have decided to include some pictures of him on my blog.

Interesting face #1. Getting those mouth muscles warme up for the face making.

Interesting face #2. His Best Jack Nicholson look. Notice the raised eyebrows and the smile. I know that some of my students will recognize this look, because I know that I have given it from time to time.

Interesting face #3. Sometimes you just have to look at yourself on the computer screen while daddy is using the web cam.

Interesting face #4. They say the ability to curl the tongue is genetic. I guess he got it.

Interesting face #5. Goofy? Yup!

Interesting face #6. Nice close-up.

Interesting face #7. Next to the Jack Nicholson, this is my favorite.

Here is Sam with his good school buddy Noah. I get to hear alot of things about Noah. Mostly good.

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