Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Church

I am currently attending North Hills Community Church.

It is a rare church. What I love about it is that, even though they are laid back and fairly casual, they have not strayed away from the truth of the Word of God. That is rare.

Most churches that tend to be on the more casual side, laying aside so many of the non-biblical traditions that had been imposed on them from a more legalistic church or school, also tend to start laying aside other things as well.

And the next thing you know there are these churches popping up all over the place that have taken the pendulum for a ride and have ended up at the total opposite end of the spectrum. I have even seen (and heard of) churches that would not even hold that Jesus is the only way to God. Church for these people has become an option... what is "best" for them.

But that is why I think that North Hills is so Rare. When I first visited I thought that it was going to be like so many other churches, because of their more casual stance on some issues. But instead I have found myself being hammered (so to speak) with the Words of God!

Last week I heard two of the most excellent sermons that I have heard in a long time. Very impactful, very convicting, and very encouraging.

So here I am on Saturday night, sitting at my brother-in-law's computer, already contemplating how I am going to be impacted tomorrow.

I thank God for placing me in an environment like this. He has shown me once again that He is good, and He is taking me to the places that I need to be.

Here is a link to the sermons page. I would like to suggest Oct. 10, 2004. (I think that you need to have Real Audio Player to listen to it, but I am not for sure.)

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