Sunday, October 17, 2004

questioning things

I like to read blogs.

I admit it, I really do. Most of the blogs that I read are somewhat "Christian" in nature. They discuss Christian topics and talk about issues from a Christian perspective. And for the most part I enjoy reading these blogs.

Sometimes I find myself taken back by some of the perspectives on certain issues. Issues that I didn't think needed another perspective. Issues that I believed were black and white issues -- right and wrong -- good and bad.

Now, most people that know me really well, know that I like to question things. Especially things that belong to the category of tradition. You know what I am talking about... those issues that the typical conservative Christian has has held dear for many years. I have almost enjoyed dismantling certain arguments from the ground up. Issues like clothes, music, facial hair (on men of course), and other trivial topics. I have also liked the occasional tackle of the more complex topic (and more important) like true salvation, repentance, faith, etc. Always asking, what do we really believe, and why do we believe it?

And I always came back to the Word of God. It was my foundation. It was my stronghold. It was the one thing that never wavered and nobody could combat against its living and powerful arguments.

But I have noticed something that I find quite alarming on the internet. Many of the blogs that I run across from time to time, blogs that at first glance, one might call Christian, have taken things a step farther.

At first I thought that I had found a kindred spirit in many of these blogs. They seemed to question the traditions as much as I had. But after further reading, I have found that many of them do not hold to the Bible. Now, they might say that they do, but I don't think that they mean the same thing when they claim this.

For example, one blog that I read would not even say that Jesus was the only way to God. And even though Jesus claimed that himself, it seems that many are abandoning this notion. Christianity has suddenly become personal preference, and we dare not tell a Buddhist, a Hindu, or God forbid, a Muslim, that he is wrong.

Now, like I said before, I am all for questioning things. But there must be an authority. There must be something, outside of humanity, outside of mortality, that contains the answers. I believe that thing is the Word of God. The Bible.

To all of you that like to question things: don't lay aside the answer.

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  1. "...that contains the answers. I believe that thing is the Word of God. The Bible."
    Well Said...!


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