December 13, 2007


I am constantly changing my desktop background. I usually choose a picture from the NASA Image of the Day. There are some really amazing pictures on there.

Here is the new background:

(Read about this image here.)

The background that I had previously used was this picture:

(Properly "borrowed" from here.)

Most of my students couldn't figure out why I would put a cracked egg on my desktop, but it just seemed like a natural alternative to a picture of a supernova. They both have similar forms of beauty and complexity. One is just much, much bigger than the other.


  1. I like them both - but your top photo would look way different on my kitchen floor. My wife thought I was a geek - "you took a picture of what? did you drop it on purpose?" - but I couldn't have planned that image if I tried.

  2. It was a great picture. You wouldn't believe how much conversation it started.


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