December 25, 2007

Great Gifts!

My wife got me one of the greatest gifts this year. We have this tradition of buying each other a book at Christmas time. This year she got me this book:

The Princess Bride

S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale
of True Love and High Adventure

30th Anniversary Edition

But she couldn't leave me with just the book. Though the story is a great story on its own, what really brought it to life was the movie. So, she got me the movie too!

I believe that this movie has fallen into the classic category. I can remember the first time I watched it. My mom made me do it. I wasn't interested in it, but she convinced me that it was a worth while watch.

Of course I ended up loving it.

My wife didn't stop there though. She topped it off. The next gift she got me was like the icing on the already wonderful, cream-filled cake.

She got me this t-shirt:

Billy Crystal: "You are the Brute Squad!"

Great Gifts.

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