December 7, 2007

Not Geeky Enough

I am not geeky enough to do a really good job, but I made a page for a friend of my wife's. She is (from what I understand) in the last stages of cancer.

You can read an update on Monica by clicking here.

It is a tough situation, but from everything I hear Monica is handling this with great grace. Her testimony is impacting everyone around her. If you are the type to take up praying for people that you don't know, I would like to encourage you to pray for Monica.

My wife and her friends have pulled together, and like the true godly women that they are, they were moved with compassion, and wanted to come up with some way to provide Monica and her family with regular meals. That is when my wife came to me and wondered if there was some way that I could make an online calendar for everyone to look at when it comes to providing these meals.

I did my best, but my lack of true geekiness has left the page that I created somewhat lacking. It isn't horrible, but I would have liked some thing a little prettier.

Anyway, if you are familiar with North Hills Community Church, here is the page I made.


  1. Don't sell yourself short; you are plenty geeky enough! (Math teacher????)

    Seriously though, great job for Monica. We'll pray for her, too.

    How did you embed the google calendar? I want to do that for my churh website.

  2. Oh yeah. I guess I am a Math teacher...

    I will e-mail you on how to set up the calendar.

    Here is one I did for the school

    and another

    Talk to you later


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