April 19, 2005

Blog Tools

Here are a couple of blog tools.

Character Converter - This site will help you be able to type all of those really interesting symbols and such on your blog. There are 252 different symbols available on this particular site. Here are some examples: © ® ™ ∞ Æ ¤ ¥ µ Ñ Ω ♥ ♣ ♠ € ¢ ¼ ½ é è ê ë æ and so on... and so on...

Simple Code - If you want to enter an example of code into your blog post, but everytime you try, it ends up looking like what the code would do... Then try this site. I used this tool a few post ago, look at it here.

Blogger Hacks - This is on the Blogger site. If you are using Blogger for your blog, you might find one of your questions answered here.

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