April 19, 2005


Thanks to Rodney Olsen's Skype™ posts, here and here, I have been using Skype™. I even had the opportunity to talk to Rodney using Skype™. (It isn't everyday that I get to talk to a real live Australian!) But I will say that there was some controversy over who had the accent. He even mentioned my name during his radio broadcast, on 98.5 Sonshine FM (an Australian radio station!) That is right, ladies and gents -- Matt Harmless' name has been mentioned on the other side of the globe!

Here are some other features that I have found for Skype™:

SAM: The Skype™ Answering Machine I have installed this, but I have not had a chance to see how it works yet. (Nobody has called.)

HotRecorder™ is a new program that you can use to record Skype™ conversations. I have even seen some articles about how it can be use to create something called a podcast. But because of Skype™ some people are calling them Skypecasts.

There is only one problem that I face while using Skype™... Nobody I know is using it!

So go download it and

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