April 5, 2005

busy busy busy

The last few months have been very busy months.

In February, I went to the Biblical Counseling Training Conference. It was really awesome. The conference starts on Saturday night, and ends the next Friday. Monday through Thursday you are in sessions from 8am until about 9pm. (they let you leave the building for supper, but you are there the rest of the time.) Here are some of the main speakers: James MacDonald, Jay Adams, Wayne Mack, Paul Tripp, Charles Ware, Randy Patten, Steve Viars, and many others. By the end of the week I felt like I had been drinking from a fire hydrant. (An expression that Steve Viars uses every year to describe the experience.)

Later in February, I went to Charleston for a math competition. Charleston is a beautiful city, I had a good time there and was able to get to know a couple of the students a little bit better. I also spent half a day sitting in a Starbucks...

In March I went to Washington DC. Another great experience, and one I was able to share with my wife. But these trips were beginning to wear on me.

Right after the Washington trip, spring break came along. Normally Spring Break is a break... But with family visiting, I don't think that I actually spent much time sitting and lounging. And I definitely did not spend any time getting caught up.

And then on April 1st, we went to Carowinds. Both my wife and my oldest son went with me on this trip. It was for the 8th graders, and I was the bus driver (I know, I know, riding in the bus with me is scarier than any roller coaster you could get on). I was just so happy that my son is a roller coaster fanatic. He loved them. He went on every coaster that he could go on. With his height, there were only the three largest ones that he couldn't ride.

I have learned a lot, and I have had a lot of fun, but these busy times can be rather stressful and trying on life. I know that I always struggle in these busy times because the first daily task that gets bumped off of my schedule is my Bible reading. I would like to view my Bible reading as essential as eating or drinking, but so many times I just don't. The cares of this present day world spring up and choke it so easily.

Well, I am getting back on track this week, and hopefully this will also help the blog to get back on track.

Talk to you all later. Thanks for reading.

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