April 11, 2005

a little promotion

No... I didn't get promoted. At least not yet!

I would like you to promote me though. Add a Daily Bible Reading button to your blog!

Copy and paste the following code into your blog.

<a href="http://letmenotwander.blogspot.com"><img height="19" alt="Daily Bible Reading" src="http://photos4.flickr.com/9103684_886a0938c7_o.gif" width="175" border="0" /></a>

And it will look like this: Daily Bible Reading

Read about the Let Me Not Wander blog here.


  1. Coolfuls, Mr. Harmless! I want one1 *has to think about where to put it*

  2. Awesome. Put it on your site and pass the word.

    Oh yeah, and read it!


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