April 25, 2005

that's debatable!

I normally don't get involved in internet debates, but the last couple of weeks I have been participating in a couple of debates. One of them started on a Post by Tim Samoff. It is an interesting topic, and one that I think is of great importance. I would like to encourage you to read there and see what you think.

From that post, I was inspired to get involved in a forum. On this forum, I started a new topic called, Weak Theology. You will have to read it in order to understand what it is about. There have been several good responses to the initial topic.

I haven't started debating these things to try to earn enemies. In fact, most of these blogs I read on a daily basis, and have been reading for over a year now. I enjoy hearing what these people have to say.

Here is another example of a blog that I have been reading for over a year now. The blog is called Living Room. To my understanding, Living Room is an emerging church in Australia. This post was written after a Muslim came and spoke at their gathering. I don't have any problem with that, but I was curious about the purpose of the visit. And more importantly, I was curious about whether or not they believed that the Muslim faith was just another path to God. He wraps up his response by saying,

"Now the question still remains 'is Jesus the only way this process can be
completed?' - again I'm not completely sure of the answer to that question but
I'm becoming more comfortable to allow others to be on the journey that they are
on and to trust that God is big enough to answer those questions."

Yes! God is big enough to answer these questions! But He DID answer them. We call it the Bible.

I am all for questioning things. In fact, I have lost a couple of friendships because I have been willing to listen and interact with people who believe differently than I do. I even had one guy decide that he couldn't fellowship with me anymore because I was so liberal. But I can look back, and in every case, whether it was the conservative calling me a liberal or the liberal calling me a conservative, it was always because I was standing on the side of scripture. And that is right where I want to be.

More on this later.

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  1. I joined! Aren't you proud of me? ^^

    Lol. J/k. But yeah...I did...yay...

  2. Excellent input too!

    Thanks for joining in.


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