April 16, 2005

the south

Since I moved to the South last summer, I have grown to love it more and more. The mild winter, the early spring, the sweet tea, the sweet southern accent... But today I found something that in my 31 years of living up north, I have never found.

It was crawling in one of my son's toys, in the toy box. I caught it in a little tupperware container, just so I could study the markings. The picture you see to the right isn't the actual spider I saw, but the one I have looks exactly like this one.

Now, there aren't many things that freak me out. I don't mind heights. Big dogs are only a little scary. Roller coasters, no problem. But I can't stand little things that bite.

And to think that there was one in my children's sand box!

They say that the bite of a black widow spider won't actually kill you, but how is that any consolation?!? The fact that they have to say that it won't kill you is enough to freak me out!

Well the southern living... I love it, I just hope that it doesn't come back to bite me.


  1. we caught one of those once in CO. fed a praying mantis to it. then afterwards we dropped the jar, and the spider popped like a baloon. good times.

  2. That one doesn't quite look like the black widows we have around here. Unfortunately, our population is a booming one because the rains brought lots of widow food with them. :P Nasty things. Hubby thinks that he got bit by one once. He didn't know it at the time, but he looked up the symptoms plus found tell-tale fang marks. Fangs! Nasty.

    Still can't remember my Blogger PW...

  3. I took mine to the science teacher today to ask it that is what it really was... YEP!

    She said that if it bit one of the kids, it would make them really sick, but as long as we got them to the hospital right away, it wouldn't be fatal.

    And there we went again with having to actually tell me it wasn't fatal!

  4. I have a good idea to combat your arachno-problems..... move back to Indiana!! :)

  5. *agrees with Stephanie*

    Jon Benson says that you should put up all of his drawings that have to do with you on your blog...

    Just passing the message on. *shrugs*

  6. Well, I will think about the picture thing...

    And as far as the moving thing goes, seeing this spider made me think about it for awhile.

    But then I would have to give up the sweet tea and the mild winters and etc. etc.

  7. About the sweet tea, I'll teach you how to make it.

    And there's always global warming. :D Which makes for nicely winters. :D


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