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Abortion Debate

More Good Stuff...

Good Stuff

New Desktop Background

Maintenance Man Wisdom

27 Site

Photo Friday: Shiny


Dying is Hard

Death is not Dying


Shame ...

it's big and shiny


Self portrait for photo friday

"The Baby in my Womb Leaped for Joy" by John Piper

Let Me Not Wander

Should Pastors Blog?


Finally (and a personal note about store brands)

Habits of Holiness

Spiritual Depression

We've arrived

Mother's Day Outing

Women Worship Leaders

Black light

Arriving at the zoo!

On the way to the zoo.

... or you're no man!

Where are you?!?

Leaving ...

Twitter the Gospel?

My thoughts on The Passion

Sorry! ...another version of the Logo


Another Logo?

What have I been blogging?

Two More Logos

Blogging the church picnic... Fire Truck

Blogging the church picnic ... Time for fun!

Blogging the church picnic ...

Blogging the church picnic ... Peter preaching...

Blogging the Church Picnic

Blogging the church picnic ... Lots of people!

Blogging the church picnic... Hope it doesn't rain!

Something I will miss when I move.

Killin' ants

Chapel (#2)

Chapel Today (#1)

Casual shoes...