May 28, 2009

More Good Stuff...

I just published a post on "Good Stuff" and as soon as I did, I ran across a blog that I can't help but direct you toward. It is called Tolle Lege, which the about section of that blog says that is a Latin phrase which means "take up and read."

It is a blog that is filled with great quotes, and if you have ever been a student of mine, you know that I love great quotes. I usually have them posted all over my room. The author of that blog also states his purpose on his blog Here is a bit of it:
The purpose of this blog is simple. When I come across a quote in something I’m reading that glorifies God and raises my affections for Jesus Christ I want to share it with others. So I type it up, cite the reference, and post it on the blog. I borrowed the Latin phrase “Tolle Lege” (”take up and read”) from the account of Augustine’s conversion to Christ in his spiritual autobiography Confessions.

He then goes on to state an extensive portion of St. Augustine's Confessions.

Anyway, go read it. Maybe I will have some more "good stuff" later.

Thanks for stopping by.

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