May 19, 2009

Death is not Dying

I am passing this along from the Desiring God blog in a post titled She's Dying.

So, I am telling you to Go watch this. You don't even need to read the rest of this blog post.

Are you still here? Ok. Here is a tidbit from that website, describing this video:
On March 4, 2009, Rachel had an opportunity to share about her hope in the midst of terminal cancer. What began as a small talk to her church women’s group became an event attended by over 600 women and was an experience that left many with a desire to discover more about Rachel’s journey and faith.
Ok. Maybe you don't have time to watch a video. Do you have time to download the audio? Here is a link to the audio. You can download it to your iPod... or whatever you use.

You won't regret listening to/watching this.

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