May 13, 2009

Let Me Not Wander

I have a blog titled Let Me Not Wander. I know that most of you who check this blog already know that, but for those of you who don't know about this other blog, I would like to share a little bit about it with you.

I started that blog on April 7, 2005. My first post was on Psalm 119:10, which is the verse that was the inspiration for the title. In that first post I laid out what I was going to attempt to do with that blog. Well... 4 years later and I have to say that I haven't actually accomplished the goal that I was setting out for, but that blog has undeniably become a great tool in my life. There are many times that I will sit down with my Bible and read short and long portions of scripture, but this blog has forced me to dig deep into some of the simplest of verses and allow the Spirit to teach me through them.

I am now up to (I think) 490 posts. There are actually a few more than that, but there are 490 posts of a scripture with with some commentary. I make mention of this today for two reasons. One, because I have been reminded again lately of the importance of reading and digging deep into God's word. I really believe that. I believe that it has everything we need for life and godliness. I believe that it is the only book that is living and powerful. I believe that this book that we call the Bible is the very word of the Living God. And if I believe those things, then I believe that I must read it and dig deep into it.

Two, I mention this here on this blog because I want to invite you all to feel free to participate in my scripture blogging. I would love to have more commentary on that blog, more interaction with other people. I don't do it for that, but that adds to the enjoyment. Because, let's be honest, if you are any sort of a blogger yourself, the one thing that really drives your blogging is when you begin to feel like there is some level of conversation going on.

So, Check out Let Me Not Wander, and let me know what you think.

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