May 4, 2009

What have I been blogging?

Lately I have been blogging through Genesis 1 on my Let Me Not Wander blog. Just before that I finished blogging through I Peter 2:1-12. If you haven't checked that blog out... Oh, c'mon! Check it out! I'll be honest, I am blogging about that blog right now because I am trying to acquire more readers! I can admit that.

I know I started that blog for myself, to help me to really dig deep in each and every verse that I read, but it is a little more fun and a lot more encouraging when you have readers participating. Maybe you don't like my commentaries on those verses, fine... come by and add your own commentary in the comment section. I am inviting that! I want to learn and understand these scriptures, and your input could be helpful. And maybe, just maybe, my input might be helpful to you.

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