May 16, 2009

Shame ...

I just read a great blog post from Tim Challies. I was following his blog a couple of years ago, then I kinda forgot about it when I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader. Just recently I refound his blog and started reading it again.

I could bore you with my own personal thoughts about my blog reading habits and discoveries, but my goal right now is to point you to a post that Tim Challies wrote. I won't go into any detail, but I will share a quote from that post:
"Once the law balked at recognizing obscenity, the populace began to doubt the very basis for shame. With no legal, institutional support for consensus, little wonder the bottom fell out from under morality." As obscenity became a thing of the past, so too did it’s necessary consequence: shame. Shame is increasingly missing from our culture. We do things, watch things, enjoy things, participate in things that at any other time and in any other place would be considered shameful.
Read the rest of the article by CLICKING HERE.

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