Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Cross of Christ

Abide in ChristAs I have mentioned a couple of times already, I am reading through Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray. He is very quotable, so I am always running across little tidbits that I would love to share. Today's is from the chapter called The Crucified One:
Beloved believer! it is a deep mystery, this of the Cross of Christ. I fear there are many Christians who are content to look upon the Cross, with Christ on it dying for their sins, who have little heart for fellowship with the Crucified One. They hardly know that He invites them to it. Or they are content to consider the ordinary afflictions of life, which the children of the world often have as much as they, as their share of Christ's Cross.

They have no conception of what it is to be crucified with Christ, that bearing the cross means likeness to Christ in the principles which animated Him in His path of obedience. The entire surrender of all self-will, the complete denial to the flesh of its every desire and pleasure, the perfect separation of the world in all its ways of thinking and acting, the losing and hating of one's life, the giving up of self and its interests for the sake of others -- this is the disposition which marks him who has taken up Christ's Cross, what seeks to say, "I am crucified with Christ; I abide in Christ, the Crucified One."

Abide in Christ
Abide in Christ as your Righteousness

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