Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Defining Factor

At church, I have been preaching through the Sermon on the Mount.  I started sometime last July, and I am just now in the final few verses of this amazing sermon.

This last week I looked at a "hard saying", as some might call it and I preached it.  I didn't go to several other passages to soften it or explain it in a certain light, I just preached what Jesus preached.  The section that I am referring to comes from Matthew 7:21-23.  In this passage, Jesus states plainly, "It doesn't matter if you call me Lord, if you do the Father's will.  In fact, if you don't do the Father's will, you won't go to heaven."  (Obviously this is my own paraphrase of His statements.  If you thought that was harsh, you should read the original!)

Well, if anyone is interested in hearing some Harmless Thoughts on this passage, right click here to download the message.  Print off some notes here.

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