Friday, May 7, 2010

This coming Sunday...

I have been trying to send out a weekly e-mail update to the members of my church. I was really faithful with it last fall, but then things got busy and this was one of those things that fell off the back burner and onto the floor behind the stove.

Last week I picked it back up, brushed off the crumbs, and sent out an update. I am a little late in the week, but I just posted the one for this week. Here it is, just in case you were curious:
This coming Sunday we will be looking at the parable found at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. It is really the story of two different home-builders. As far as can be told from this story, the houses of are equal quality and construction, but the beginnings of these houses, the foundations, are different. One is built on solid bedrock, while the other is built on sand. Most likely we have all heard this story or at least we might remember singing this while in Sunday School as a child. I wonder though, does the song match the story? What is the rock? What is the sand?

Don't forget, as well, that this is the final application in this amazing message which was preached by Jesus. It is not a stand-alone story, nor is it simply tacked onto the end for dramatic affect. This parable is perfectly fitted to this particular sermon and we must not detach it when we study it, and we must definitely not treat it as a simple children's church story: it is for all of us.

I encourage you again to spend some time praying that God will be present in our church this Sunday. Pray that God will bring to our building all that need to be there. Pray that we will be ready to serve and administer God's grace to all that walk in our doors.

See you all soon.


If you don't go to our church, but had any spare space in your prayer time, I know a group of believers that could use the encouragement. Our whole town is struggling. It was in a recession before the recession. What we need most though, is not a booming big business to decide to build here, we need Jesus. We need His grace in our lives. This town is full of people who are desperate for Him and don't even realize it. So, here is a petition that I have for you, I will put it in bold letters so that you won't miss it:

pray for Edgewood

pray for Danville

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