Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living Faith: In Trials

Last Sunday I tackled James 1:2-4.  I had a cold and was feeling miserable, so I can't vouch for the clarity of the sermon, and I am pretty sure that I drooled on the microphone at least once, but in case you are interested in following along as I tackle the book of James... here is this last week's message:

Living Faith: In Trials

I chose the title "living faith" because I feel like that is the key theme throughout this book.  If I wanted to come up with a cool, hip slogan for this series, it would be "Living your faith... OUT LOUD!"  Then I would have to make t-shirts with this slogan and get everyone at my church to buy one.  The "living your faith" part would have to be in the typewriter font, with the "out loud" scrawled at a slant in a more hand-written font.  In small letters I would have to have "the book of James".  Hmm... I should try this!

Anyway, Live your faith out loud.

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