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The World is Just Awesome

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What You Are

Mini Mass Destruction!

Proclamation by the President

Contract for a Curve

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STOP and watch...

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I won!

Raising the Bar

Twitter Scam!

Photo Friday: Well Groomed

Every Love Song

Do You Pray?

GOP Healt Plan

5 truths that can't be proven by science:

Google Voicemail

The Next Prospect

Google Wave

A Minister's Strength...

Class of 1990!

Not One Iota

Another cool Street View

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What are they expecting to hear today?

It Burns Us...

Another Danville favorite!

Some positives points were presented...

Sermon Audio Feed


Wonderful Song

Sam is having an awesome game!

See You At The Pole?

At least you have goals...

Disciples... Results of the Gospel


The New Calvinism

I am afraid to use the office...

Now I know I'm home!

Pots and Pans

The gospel bad news...

ESV Study Bible

On the Georgetown Website

Morning reading...

Photo Friday: School

The Mercy of God

Getting Back

Family Vacations and book reading.

Nominate "favorite" teacher...

Website Created!

Six Dollars and Eighty-Three Cents

Kids are growing up too fast these days...

Mortifying the Flesh

Audio Books

I wish...


Umm ... Who needs video games?

It's out!

Big Red (Day 2)

Big red

Stay at home Dads?

Why People Love Social Media

Last Day

Evangelize Them!

don't call me, I'll call you...

Goodbye, old friend.

One more picture

One thing I love about summer

The Killing of George Tiller

Young Pastors make mistakes?!?